Aboriginal Rock Art
Photos by David R. Griffiths
Sites in and around the Grampians National Park

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A massive rock rises out of the hillside, surreal with wild streaks of colour
and at its base, are enigmatic "tally marks" and figures.

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This site in the northern Grampians National Park features many
generations of handprints of children 8-12 years old.

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The Manja Shelter is in the Grampians National Park, Victoria Australia.
Similar hands can be seen in caves in France (and elsewhere).  An Aboriginal Park Ranger
explained that it is like a calling card from the individual.  

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Ngamadjidj means white person.  It is unclear if this refers to the white ochre used
or white men.  This image suggests a corroboree to me.  Archaeologists have found the
site of this shelter was used for camping, making tools etc.  
A campground exists here today.  I felt very restful in this spot.

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Langi Ghiran Park is near Ararat in Victoria.  The Totem of this tribe was the black cockatoo.
The meanings of these paintings are no longer known among Aboriginal descendents.
They undoubtedly refer to spirit beings.  

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Bunjil was the powerful creator god of south eastern Australia Aborigines (Kooris).
 "Bunjil created the land and the water, the plants and the animals, the laws and religion of the Koori people.
Bunjil remains the protector of the natural world, his people and their beliefs."
This national park lies between Stawell and Pomonal.  It was recently burnt out by a bushfire.
I was wondering whether all the egg shaped rocks led to cosmic thoughts, or the idea that the "building blocks" were lying scattered around. 
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