Part of the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area, Cradle Mountain is an iconic national park.
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"Windswept" Maria Island, Hobart and more.
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Truganini is reputed to be the last living Tasmanian Aborigine.  I found this memorial to her on the isthmus of Bruny Island, the place of her birth.  Although there was some conflict between the Aborigines and whites it was disease, perhaps exacerbated by disposession that took the greatest toll.  I was in Tasmania to research an article on the sinking of the convict ship George III, and became interested in the French explorer Bruny D'Entrecasteaux who mapped and named many locations in this area south of Hobart.  Many explorers including Captain Bligh called into Bruny Island.
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"Most likely the story of convicts being shot while attempting to escape a sinking ship continued to be retold amongst convicts.
The gentleman I met said his forefather was one of the last convicts sent to the Colony, and arrived in the 1850's, which is nearly two decades after the wreck."

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