The goal of the writer
by David R. Griffiths

The goal of the writer is to improve people's perception, by opening them to ideas or acting as a bridge between realities.

One opens others to ideas by conceiving of the idea or perceiving it from others, then considering the audience and modifying communication so as to reach between the people you are trying to communicate to, or for, and the idea.

In the area of fiction one creates alternative realities and by exposing people to these gives them relief from what they take for granted, so that they can see it better when they come back to it.  Maybe then they can change it.  A truly great writer can change a culture and thereby change history.  

Humour is a great tool for opening up perception.  Even in politics sometimes the feather of humour beats the sledgehammer, particularly in the face of oppression.

Having done the above I tend to formulate a simple strategy of communication.  In the case of this short article it came from the realisation that the various articles I had had published were not just selling materialism.  Once you have a clear concept things tend to flow from there.  

In a mechanical sense you need to create interest from the begining, as an audience is easily lost early in the piece if you do not capture their attention.  Most musical works start off with a loud first movement.  And then you cannot in most circumstances put your main message at the bottoms as in a school essay, but obviously a little plot twist is a good way to wrap up.  Never write more than you have to just for the sake of words.  The rest of your piece should more or less flow from the first statement, you might put a hidden meaning in it and so in part withhold it.

A famous writer said the way to write is to write, meaning that you don't tie yourself up with false information from unsuccessful people 
you just communicate.  And while you can learn technical details on writing; the ability to reach people, which is based on understanding and the artistry are not taught and frequently killed by educational institutions.  Artistry is an individual thing, it really depends on the courage to step forward.

Interestingly, I get all my ideas when I communicate with others.

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Copyright David R. Griffiths (c) 2008