Principles of a new religion

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David R. Griffiths


This Treatise begins with a discussion of the futility and traps of  starting a religion.  It then addresses mortals and Gods (in the style of the Quran which addresses men and Jinn).

To be or not to be, to talk or say nothing

When you know something you should tell others.  Or so I have believed most of my life.  But higher than communication is being, and beings on different levels of spiritual existence don't communicate too well.  "Pearls before Swine" as it says in the Bible.  Communication is information about and between, states of being.  People have to a greater or lesser degree, difficulty in communicating with things that are not like them. They just don't get it, but worse they get something else.  But there is a higher or more fundamental level of being we call "God".  To say nothing at all is going too far, some things I can communicate, others you have to know yourself.  

Starting off with two principles: do not put me above you.  And, I will communicate if it opens a spark of God.  Equally, I can be "God" and in which case I will say nothing.  (When I say 'I can be "God"' I mean "allow things to be as they are" and "a total view of efforts and their results".)


Reflections on religions

Principles for mortals

i   Life is a mosaic

ii   There are many Gods

iii  Life is un-Truth

iv  Pour praise on admirable things

iv  Religion should not belittle

v  Keep bodies to a minimum

vi  Ego versus God

vii   Seek Order

viii  Truth comes after action

ix  It is better to focus on truth than error

Principles for Gods

i  Establish the zone

ii  Play "Music"

iii  Use the "efforts" of evil to destroy it

iv  Find the spark of Truth and be Truth

v  It is time to reshape the game

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