"Most likely the story of convicts being shot while attempting to escape a sinking ship continued to be retold amongst convicts.  The gentleman I met said his forefather was one of the last convicts sent to the Colony, and arrived in the 1850's, which is nearly two decades after the wreck."
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"Thus for the Borung people Arcturus signaled the time to eat ant larvae, while for the Greeks it was time to prune vines.  Before clocks and calendars the night sky itself  marked the passage of seasons and activities in daily living."  click here for "Aboriginal Astronomy Mysteries"


For me writing begins with an insight and the rest more or less flows.  Some things I write have an inner integrity. "Really nice and VERY different kind of review, most refreshing!"  Nick Barrett, Pendragon
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Freud can possibly be regarded as a turning point in western society from the infinite, to the self. .. Almost universally these changes are seen as liberation but they could also be characterised as a breakdown in social responsibility. Ego (spirituality) was not a new concept, Freud made ego both a science and a cult.
Ego vs God   from      Principles of a new religion

Verses in the Gospels prove the Holy Family, virgin birth and divinity of Jesus...is a myth
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"They got to the clearing and Latu reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device, pushing a button on it.  Shortly a spacecraft, much smaller than Zordell’s, about  the size of an Earth car, floated into view."
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